Being accessible and ever-ready to assist our clientele is what we strive for. Through self-hosted open houses and service camps all the way to being present at the most prestigious and industry specific exhibitions, you will always find Nickunj Group present.

Exhibitions & Expos

Integrating the Nickunj brand into the pan-India and hyper-regional industry events.

Meet the HTS Team at ICERP 2019

For exhibition related queries and coordination for meetings please write to Mr. Ismail Baig

Meet the HTS Team at ICERP 2019

For exhibition related queries and coordination for meetings please write to Mr. Ismail Baig

Nickunj brings to you India ’s first chain of Laser Welding / Deposit solutions. At Nickunj Laser Welding Solution Centers - equipped with state-of-the-art Laser Welding equipment we offer an inexpensive and efficient client solution to restore your expensive molds which are worn-out or damaged. That's not all, these dies are restored with desired accuracy and no change in the metallurgy.

+ Low "heat affected zone" (HAZ) Excellent weld quality with a fine grain structure, Minimal to "undetectable" weld sink
+ Minimal to "no" heat input, No distortion like most TIG welding, No discoloration of the weld or surrounding base material
+ Minimal laser weld metal deposited resulting in minimal machining to restore the part back to its original condition
+ Hard and tough weld metal due to the fine grain structure created from the extremely rapid solidi cation of the laser weld
+ Extreme precise control of the weld location within a few thousands of an inch away from areas that are not to be disturbed
+ Extremely accurate laser welding for all tool steels, stainless steel alloys, dissimilar metals, beryllium copper, copper alloys, aluminum, titanium alloys, precious metals, and powdered metals.

We can laser weld/deposit all types of tool steel to help get your tooling and components back to their original condition improving the quality of your parts and increasing your profitability.
Studio Locations

C-26, Ground Floor, Raj Industrial Complex, Military Road,Marol Maroshi,
Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400 059.
Contact: Sameer Parekh: +91 9004090409

Dewan Industrial Estate No. 4”, Plot no 46 & 47 Survey No. 31, 34, 35, 36 & 37
At Village Navghar, Vasai Road (East) - 401 210, Dist Thane.
Contact: Pramesh Sindhwad: +91 9137897875

Plot No. 72 , Near Hanuman Mandir
DIC Industrial Area, Baddi 173205.
Contact: +91 1795-245540 | Navin Katoch: +91 9137897875 | Vikas Tiwari: +91 9218524572

Shed No. 19, Barselona, S.P. Ring Road
Odhav, Ahmedabad 382415.
Contact: +91 9724333807 | Amit Barot: +91 9724333803 | Amit Patel: +91 9724333804